Many YouTube users may face account suspension messages from the YouTube by flagging your YouTube videos on the platform. YouTube is general flagged the videos if you had crossed some community guidelines which are considered as a violation of the content on the platform. So, YouTube sends the user with warning strikes which can be expired within six months. After six months, the YouTube platform again reviews the standing of the account. It also leads to permanent account termination if the user made any violations additional to the previous.

What happen if your YouTube channel was suspended?

If your YouTube channel was suspended, the platform will not display your videos to the audience and you can no longer see the videos. So, it is better to store your videos which can be helpful during the situations if they arrive, unfortunately. After the suspension of the YouTube channel, even the Google plus is also will not be visible to the user.

How to get back your YouTube account after suspension?

You can simply appeal the strike by providing the email details if your account was linked with the Google plus. Appeal only if you are sure that your account didn’t cross any violations. Give the reply to the email that was sent by YouTube by stating that you hadn’t violated any terms. Actually, the YouTube and the Google platform generally uses some automated methods of detecting the flagged videos. so, there will be a chance to have an errors.
Sometimes your video may also flag by competitors or by some unsuspected persons. So, there is nothing to worry if you are sure that you hadn’t violated any rules. But be patient until your account was reviewed after your appeal to the YouTube. So backup your videos and it is better to save them on to the drive with your video URLs and also backup your descriptions and tags related to your videos. so, that in this way you can get back to your YouTube channel.

Procedure :

First Click Here and here you got a Form. Filled this form correctly and hit the Submit Button.



After that you got a Confirmation Message  ” Thanks for connecting our Google Accounts team. We’ll review your report, and will contact you only if we have additional information to share. We appreciate your taking the time to contact us.”


if you done this process properly after 1-2 days you will get a email from Youtube for Reinstate Your Youtube Account.